Peace and Governance

Strengthening local structures to promote peace, BLGU capacity development and formulation of Barangay development plans and support to Peace and Governace infra such as construction and rehab of Barangay hall, multi-purpose building, peace centers, housing projects to the poorest of the poor families, among others



  • Strengthen of local structures (MPOCs,BHRAC, Katarungan Pambarangay)
  • Housing/core shelters
  • Sport fest
  • Cultural promotion
  • Bantay dagat
  • Regulation and reduction of loose firearms


  • Contruction of goverment centers
  • formulation of local development plans (BDP/CDP-ELA,CLUP,FLUP)
  • Conduct of municipal and barangay as-semblies
  • Strengthen local structures and special bodies
  • Promotion of seal of good house keeping (SGH)
  • Task force marangal (voters education mashuara , and IEC materials)
  • Free Birth Registration
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) preparedness