Peace and Governance Component (Project)


Construction of the Community Learning Center in Barangay Bugabungan, North Upi, Maguindanao.

For the 53 target barangays of ARMM HELPS for 2014, the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG-ARMM), through the ARMM-HELPS PMO, allocated the total amount of Three Hundred Seventy Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 370,500,000.00) for the infrastructure projects identified for the five provinces in ARMM. After the project identification stage, the target barangays were called for to comply with the land ownership requirements such as the land title in the name of the barangay; deed of sale if the land was acquired by the barangay through purchase or deed of donation if a certain individual, group of individuals or an entity donated the land to the barangay; Tax declaration of the land in the name of the barangay given the circumstance that there is no existing land title; and blueprint of the technical description of the allocated land purposely as a site for the construction of all the infrastructure projects each target barangays.